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Suited sunglasses according to your face shape

Knowing the right tricks on how to choose the right glasses frame for our face shape is the first step for a glamorous look when wearing sunglasses. So many of us have want to look cool with sunglasses! There are numerous factors that influence the choice of eyeglass frames, including …

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How to cut your own bangs and split-ends at home

Who said you have to go to the salon every time you want to do a little retouch on your capillary ornament? There is nothing wrong if you want to make some changes at home. Learn to handle scissors skilfully and how to cur your own bangs and split ends …

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Short hair no cutting hairstyle

If you’re not willing to give up your long hair, there is a compromise that helps you experience a new short hairstyle, without giving up the length of your hair. I will show you how you can shape the hair from long to medium, using an original method in which you style the hair in an unpredictable way, other than a ponytail or …

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5 Signs that you’re wearing the wrong shoes

Wrong shoes keep your feet in an unhealthy position, which favors the appearance of wounds and fractures. If you find it impossible to choose wrong shoes, know that about 90% of women wear too tight shoes, so watch for warning signs.

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