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9 remedies to lose weight after the Holidays

Even if you ate excessively and you tried to make elections to eat balanced and healthy, you have tasted the cake, cakes, roast pork, jelly – options that are not included in your daily menu. It means that your body had to work more to successfully cope with hearty meals, …

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Top 8 foods to avoid for a flat belly

A flat belly is hard to obtain and it is maintained with much effort. Lack of exercise and poor diet are the two most important causes of belly appearance, so it is recommended to take great care in what foods you eat every day. Here are the foods you should …

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7 Foods That Speed Up The Aging Process

If you do not want to have a prematurely wrinkled skin or have a permanent state of fatigue, be very careful what you choose to eat. Here are 7 foods that speed up the aging process and that it would be better to remove them from your menu.

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