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This is what happens in your body when you bathe in ginger

Detoxifying baths are fashionable! Being increasingly exposed to more toxins, it is necessary to develop a healthy routine of cleansing the body. Toxins can be found everywhere: in food, water, medicine and even in the air. The list of toxins that affect our body is endless. Here’s how it begins: …

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Make your Pores Disappear

Did you know that it is possible to make your pores disappear with the help of only one ingredient? Dirt and bacteria can get in your open pores pretty easily and quickly which results in irritations caused to your skin. At this time, it seems to you that it’s almost …

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Why to Apply Baking Soda under your Eyes

The most beneficial substance for a human being is definitely the baking soda. No wonder why nobody says a word, because it is too cheap and if baking soda would be promoted, expensive cosmetic products for beauty purposes would fail with selling! Did you know that baking soda has numerous …

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Natural remedy for corns on feet

Corns on feet are caused by pressure and repeated rubbing on a certain area of the skin, for a longer period of time. Pressure determines the death of the skin and the formation of a strong and protective surface. A soft corn is getting formed the same way, when sweating …

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This baking soda shampoo can save your hair!

Baking soda has become lately increasingly popular, and both science people and ordinary people discover new and new ways to use it. One of these methods is to restore the hair! The hair can be cleansed of all traces of shampoo and can get a nice natural glow after just …

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