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How to treat heel pain

Heel pain can be both a symptom of a disease, and the result of local bottlenecks. The pain can be progressive and may begin abruptly. Usually you feel the pain on one heel, but you can have a pressure sensation on both legs. It can be triggered after strenuous activities …

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6 Foods that you daily eat and should avoid for flat stomach

Diet is very important if you want a flat stomach, not to mention the famous six packs or eight packs. In addition to exercise, you should have a proper diet, especially if you’re a woman. Yes, we women are genetically constructed to deposit subcutaneous fat more easily than men.[expand title=”” …

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How much walking you need to lose weight?

How much walking you need to lose weight

Diets are not as effective as sport, and many of us consider going to work as part of this category. This may be an option to lose weight without too much physical effort, but how many steps you have to do in a day to manage to take off the …

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