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7 French Beauty Secrets To Look Like a Goddess

When you think about French women, it comes to your mind  great actresses such as Brigitte Bardot or Marion Cotillard . With did they have? What make them stand out? The perfect makeup or goddess figures?  French women are renowned in that, regardless of what they eat they remain beautiful …

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Best make-up for tired faces

A tired complexion is a dehydrated, dull, wrinkled skin. Many of us confront these problems because of pollution, excessive sun exposure, smoking and, not least, a chaotic lifestyle. There are treatments to revitalize tired skin and you can implement them right at home. Save

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Flawless skin in 3 steps

Beautiful legs – without question, that is what women want. For that dream to become reality, their care should not be a concern this season. Moreover, autumn is the ideal time to treat unsolved problems from the summer. The most common problem is dry skin cosmetics and feet are an …

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