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8 Simple Tricks That Will Make Feel You More Attractive

You feel like you’ve lost your feminine charm and you’re not turning heads on the streets? Do not worry! Using simple tricks you can attract, again, the attention of males. See below some tips that will help you emanate sensuality.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] 1. Wear heels The heels should not be …

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How to calculate your metabolic rate to lose weight

There are many questions that grind us when following a diet, one of them being the most important: How many calories should you consume daily to lose weight? In what follows, we will try to answer this question and provide the perfect solution for everyone.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] For starters, it’s …

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Burn the fat on the belly and thighs with this homemade cocktail

When time is pressuring you, you need simple things, especially when it comes to preparing smoothies. That is why today we present a simple and delicious recipe of a green smoothie that helps you lose weight in a healthy way.[expand title=”” trigpos=”below”] This smoothie is rich in nutrients and has …

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