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How to tape your breasts to get a strapless look

That’s the secret of Hollywood divas when wear provocative outfits, very revealing. There is no need to have silicone to lift your breasts and make them look firm both in reality and pictures. If you want to wear a dress or a top without a bra here is what you …

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Best make-up for tired faces

A tired complexion is a dehydrated, dull, wrinkled skin. Many of us confront these problems because of pollution, excessive sun exposure, smoking and, not least, a chaotic lifestyle. There are treatments to revitalize tired skin and you can implement them right at home. Save

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Flawless skin in 3 steps

Beautiful legs – without question, that is what women want. For that dream to become reality, their care should not be a concern this season. Moreover, autumn is the ideal time to treat unsolved problems from the summer. The most common problem is dry skin cosmetics and feet are an …

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6 different ways to use garlic

Garlic reputation of being both in kitchen and medicine is known for a long time. Since ancient Egypt was used both for cooking and for treating heart problems, high blood pressure high cholesterol, flu and other infections. For over 20 years, garlic was the subject of numerous scientific studies, containing …

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