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The Secret to an Incredible Thighs

For the lower trail of the body thighs and buttocks muscles are the most important muscle groups of which development decisively influences your exterior aspect. This is the reason why they need to be worked out accordingly, and their negligence, just like shins may create a disproportion related to more developed muscle groups from the chest or arms. To exceed this problem, here are several specialized exercises.

Before getting familiar with the exercises, you need to know that you should do them at least 3 to 4 times a week. These exercises are possible to do at home or at the gym, with the adequate equipment that you feel comfortable with. You can even combine them with walking, jogging, aerobic, running or cycling. Before starting, it is a must to warm up for 5 to 10 minutes.

  1. Extending your legs at the machine

This is an exercise that isolates quadriceps, it can be done with a multitude of machines, but the initial and final position is the same in this situation. Hook your legs under the supporters of the machine and lean on the backrests (if the machine that you are using has no backrests, maintain your back straight). Hold the bench with your hands. Lift up the weight by straightening your legs and contract the quadriceps in the edge position, and then gently let your legs down to the initial position. This exercise can be executed by altering leg lifts. Exhale when you pull and inhale when you let your legs down.

  1. Lunges with dumbbell

This is an exercise for defining and forming the quadriceps and the posterior of your thighs. By standing with dumbbells in each hand, hands near your body, make a step ahead with one leg, letting the weight to push the leg that is in the front. Maintain your back and the leg that is behind as straight as possible while doing the lunges. Get back with your legs united and then do the lunges with the other leg as well.

Exhale when you do the lunges and inhale when you get back to the initial position. This exercise can be done by placing a dumbbell on your back as well, instead of holding the weights in your hands.

  1. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator!

Here is how you have to proceed in this situation: sit down in front of the stairs or a high threshold. Get up with one leg, by placing the entire sole of your foot on the stair or threshold. Keep your back straight and your head and neck relaxed, on the same line with your trunk. Make a step with the other leg as well, so that both of your legs would be on the stairs or threshold. Now, take one leg down and then the other one as well. Do 20 repeats on each leg. You need to gradually accelerate the rhythm for the desired results.

Some exercises that require the muscles from the lumbar area have a very important role in developing thighs and buttocks muscles as well, such as stretching with weights, extensions and hyper extensions.

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